For Ellwood Teen, It’s All About The Ride – Ellwood City Ledger: Local News

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“He takes my mind off everything and makes me happy every day. I go to school, do my homework and go to the stable to be with Simba,” Dufford said. “And it helps my arthritis by keeping me active.” Dufford shows Simba at the New Castle 4-H Mane Attractions. She has won some blue ribbons and said it has taken a lot of work to get to this point. “It has been a rough ride. I’ve been bucked, trampled and kicked. I landed on my head and cracked my helmet, but I didn’t get hurt. A horse can be a dangerous animal,” Dufford said. “There are ups and downs to everything in life.” In April 2013, Dufford began to box at the Ellwood City Police Department Boxing Club and has added that to her daily schedule of school, homework and riding. natural anti inflammatory explanation “I was going to be in the Golden Gloves Tournament, but no girls signed up in my weight class — 119 pounds — so it didn’t happen,” Dufford said. “Boxing is a lot of fun, and I love it. It is good exercise and it helps to get the anger out,” she said. Dufford lives in Ellwood City with her parents, Debra and Clarence “Butch” Dufford. She will be a sophomore at Lincoln High School in the fall. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, also known as juvenile curcumin arthritis treatment info idiopathic arthritis, is the most common
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type of arthritis in children younger than 16.
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